Everything To Know About Breech Babies

A conventional pregnancy experienced by roughly 96 to 97% of all mothers involves the baby turning naturally within the womb to a position where the head is positioned downward, ready for birth. A small number of babies will be in a breech position with their knees bent and feet or buttocks positioned to come out first. We’ll be taking you through a look at the various breech positions possible, signs of a breech baby, and the causes of irregularly positioned birth.

Breech Baby Positions

Most babies begin to shift to a downward-facing position at approximately 36 to 37 weeks. The larger a baby grows, the harder it becomes for it to turn into the right birth position. Complications can cause babies to shift to three various breech positions if the correct positioning isn’t reached in time.

Frank breech is the most commonly occurring breech position and defines when the baby’s bottom is facing downward in position for birth with his or her legs bent upward pointing to the head. The complete breech is when the baby’s birth position is reversed with the head positioned upward and the child in a cross-legged seated posture. Footling breech occurs when either one or both feet are hanging downward in position for birth leading to a feet-first delivery without a cesarean.

Using any tried and tested safe method for turning a baby in breech grants variable success rates. Expectant mothers with a breech baby detected by ultrasound need to discuss the possibility of scheduling a cesarean or turning the baby with their doctor. Unless the baby can be turned using an external cephalic version, essential oil therapy, or inversion exercises, a cesarean will be necessary.

Do Breech Babies Come Early?

Breech babies are connected to early labour in many pregnancies. However, a baby who has not yet turned into the correct position doesn’t always mean early labour. Rather, early labour is a distinct possibility.

Breech Baby Causes

  • Multiple Pregnancies Undergone
  • Pregnancy With Twins Or More
  • Past Premature Birth Experienced
  • Umbilical Cord Length Irregularities
  • Amniotic Fluid Irregularities
  • Irregularly Shaped Uterus
  • Uterus Affected By Complications Like Fibroids
  • Placenta Previa

Signs Of Breech Baby Birth Possibility

From roughly 32 weeks onward, one can begin feeling for signs of a baby turning in the womb. The optimal birth position is an occiput anterior position whereby the baby’s head is facing downward with a tucked chin and their back against the mother’s belly. An occiput posterior position, the opposite, can mean a longer or more difficult labor and delivery. Without training, feeling for the presence of what part of the baby is in the pelvis can be tricky. However, any doctor, midwife, or doula is trained and experienced in detecting these positional changes, officially known as Leopold maneuvers.

Mothers should feel for the presence of their baby’s head low down in their stomach while also looking for their bottom or legs above the belly button to detect a healthy, head-down position. A baby who is turning properly will cause the mother to feel larger movements towards the upper section of their chest and rib changes while experiencing smaller movements in the lower extremities of their pelvis. The hiccups of a head-down child can be felt in the lower section of a mother’s belly, while the heartbeat is detectable in the lower stomach section. Potential irregularities should be confirmed via ultrasound.

How To Turn A Breech Baby Naturally

There’s no need to panic if you’ve just found out that your unborn child hasn’t turned yet. There are several effective ways to turn a breech baby naturally. Let’s take a closer look.

External Cephalic Version (ECV)

An External Cephalic Version (ECV) is a process employed by your doctor to attempt to move the baby into the correct head-down position in hopes that vaginal birth will become possible. The majority of ECVs are attempted from 36 weeks onward when the baby still hasn’t turned to a head-down position. The physician uses his or her hands to manually rotate the baby within the womb with the mother’s status monitored in case a C-section becomes necessary.

Exercises To Turn A Breech Baby

There are several safe exercises that can help to turn a breech baby. There are several yoga poses, including downward dog, child’s pose, inversions, and dolphin pose, to name but a few that are known to turn a breech baby. Many mothers have found belly dancing to be effective, while others don’t even notice their babies turning at night due to the mother sleeping in a reclined position. We recommend you try a variety of safe techniques while discussing your available options with a doula.

Aromatherapy For Breech Babies

Peppermint oil diluted at a 1:4 ratio with a carrier oil rubbed directly on the belly can be effective for turning a breech baby. Rub the peppermint oil across the top of your belly in an arc as if rubbing across the top of the womb. This is believed to cool the baby, coaxing it to turn its head away and downward. Myrrh is another effective essential oil for turning a breech baby. Blend myrrh and a carrier oil at a 5:1 ratio and rub it across the top of the belly the same as is described with the peppermint oil using an arc or rainbow motion.

Look For Help From A Doula

If you would like to assess the possibility of a breech birth or are looking for assistance with turning a breech baby, Nadine Ann HypnoBirthing in Glen Waverley can help. Personal help from a devoted doula is available at the studio in Ferntree Gully or online, COVID-19 restrictions dependent. HypnoBirthing and prenatal classes are available.

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