Create The Optimal Hypnobirthing Environment

Creating a comfortable space for giving birth where a mother feels safe, secure, and at ease is essential. It’s an event family will remember forever and one of the most monumental occasions of any parent’s life, whether it’s their first or last child. Childbirth is huge and can be equally as scary. Shaping a relaxed birth environment where the mother can detach from any latent anxiety grants better focus during labour. We’ll be taking you through a look at how to create the optimal HypnoBirthing environment to experience the fullness of birth in privacy, at peace, and with full focus.

Create Practical Comfort And Ease

Bring the comfiest pillow you own and a blanket that makes you feel at home – make sure it’s something familiar. Set additional pillows in place so that if you want to change position, you can do so comfortably. If there’s anything that could make you feel more restful, make sure it is readily available.

Use Aromatherapy Throughout The Process

We recommend investing in a good-quality diffuser right at the beginning of your pregnancy. There are aromatherapy oils that can help you throughout the entire course of your pregnancy. Discuss your favourite scents and the areas in your life that you’d like a lift in with your doula. Together, you will be able to devise a selection of aromatherapy oils to use either as-is or as a part of a specific blend suited to your needs and senses.

Set Soft Lights Only

Make sure that the lighting and heating are adequate. If something in the room bothers you, it can’t be left to be. Switch off any annoying lights. Those giving birth at home should resort to candles and soft lights to create warmth and good visibility without over brightening the space. In a hospital, you’ve only got so many choices, so make sure you assess potential rooms beforehand and make your choice clear.

Create A Birth Plan And Discuss It With Your Birth Partner

Devise a birth plan and discuss all decisions concerning the bid day with your birth partner. This makes it much easier for a birth partner to communicate the needs of the mother when speaking to her becomes difficult. Ideally, nothing should disturb a mother’s focus during childbirth. A birth plan will cover every last detail allowing mom to relax and her partner to make confident decisions.

Eliminate All Distractions

Make sure that there are no unnecessary distractions in the room you’re giving birth in. Switch off all cell phones. If at home, notify friends and family members that you don’t want to be bothered over the birthing period and perhaps the next few days too. From distracting photographs to ornaments and decor elements that can draw your focus, clear the room of anything that’ll distract you.

Remove Or Cover All Clocks

Get rid of all clocks in the room or cover them. You don’t want to be focused on the duration of labour at all. Only the experience of childbirth is important. Many mothers find that they cannot accurately assess time, estimating the process of labour to have taken much shorter than it actually did when the environment is optimal.

Pick Out Calming Music

Get a playlist ready and decide how you’re going to play it. If you’re going to be playing tracks from your phone, take the sim out or put it in aeroplane mode. Don’t allow calls or messages through. They’re far too distracting. Those who struggle with inward noise should consider using headphones.

Place Things In Clear View That Inspire You

There will always be things that a mother can include in her birthing room to make the space feel more welcoming. From baby photography to mementoes from family and friends and visual affirmations placed in clear sight, take the time to consider what creates the feeling of warmth, safety, and joy and make sure to ready the room with these objects beforehand. Objects inspiring happy feelings like photographs of your loved ones and inspiring phrases stimulate the production of oxytocin which is exactly what a mother in labour needs.

Pick A Limited Number Of Significant People To Be Allowed In The Space

As a general rule, ensure that everyone in the HypnoBirthing environment has a role to play. They should make a significant emotional or practical contribution to the childbirth process. Limit the number of people around you and make sure that you’re equally open and comfortable around each and every one of them.

Incorporate Room Elements That Stimulate The Senses

We’ve already mentioned placing objects in clear sight that trigger joy, and we’ve spoken of music and smell. Remember the rest of the senses as well. Be sure to have refreshments that are both desirable and familiar. Even the small things like the feel of a damp washcloth or the familiarity of a bottle of water will all make a difference. Nothing should perturb the mother in any way instead, all working together towards aligning a natural, relaxing, immersive birth experience.

Shape The Perfect Hypnobirthing Environment

Creating comfort calls for careful consideration and a personal understanding of the mother’s needs. We encourage you to get in touch today to learn how Nadine Ann HypnoBirthing’s prenatal classes in Ferntree Gully or online (COVID-19 restrictions dependant) can help you weave together the perfect space for childbirth while offering comprehensive prenatal education.

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020 4095 7663