A woman can find her most beautiful, most POWERFUL self during this journey of pregnancy and birth.
A woman can find her most beautiful, most POWERFUL self during this journey
of pregnancy and

About HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing is breaking down your illusions of birth and
bringing back the humanity and reality of what a truly amazing
experience birth can be. It provides couples with techniques that
allow you to be present, calm and aware for your birthing
experience. It will prepare you mentally, emotionally and
physically allowing both mother and her birthing companion to
approach labour without fear allowing their delivery to be a
positive and empowering experience.
As women, we are forever searching for such ideals and I
encourage you to do that; to find your most powerful self.
Like most things in life, preparation is key to success and
HypnoBirthing is a method which begins during early pregnancy.
Every woman,
as long as she lives will remember how she was made to feel during childbirth

About the HypnoBirthing

When should I do HypnoBirthing?

It’s never too late to start learning something new, and learning
something new early can give you more time to prepare.
Essentially you can start this course any time after 20 weeks.
Depending on how you learn you may find the earlier will give
you more time to practice techniques, or you may find later
will keep it fresher in your mind.
Either way I am happy to discuss this with you.

Who should do HypnoBirthing?

Anyone who is looking to have a positive birthing experience.
Whilst this course has the potential to offer a pain free birth,
what it is really designed for is to help all women how to work
with their bodies in a calm and relaxing way, ensuring that
whatever the outcome the birth was a positive one.
This course is for any couple; First, second or third time mothers,
mothers who are planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After
Caesarean) or even if you have planned a C-section.
It is suited to all birthing situations as it is based on having a positive
birthing experience, not specifically how the baby is born.